I watched a lot of cartoodeerns when I was a kid. I grew up with the silliness and the improbability of shows like the Looney Toons and Mickey Mouse. I loved how they could get away with things real life humans could never do. As I grew upI tried to hold on to that whimsicality through recreating what I had seen with drawings of creatures and places, but soon it became time to start thinking about what career I was going to enter into for my adult life.I searched around trying to find an interest and a fit, but nothing else interested me as much as trying to recreate my images of fantasy. I decided to stay in the art world, but I struggled to find a place for my cartoonish style. I eventually stumbled upon the genres of pop surrealism and fantasy art. It had that colorful look and whimsicality I had been trying to hold on to growing up. They were right up my alley, and inspirational to look at. This was the kind of art I wanted to make. This was the kind of art I was making.
I now grab most of my inspiration from pop surrealism and fantasy art. I draw digitally and with an old-fashioned pencil to transfer my ideas to the paper, and have also been trying to animate my drawings a bit. I love the idea of an ordinary drawing coming alive and becoming something magical. By putting a few lines together I am able to construct my own world and characters, and that’s how I want to spend the rest of my life.